On Meaningful Women – Revisited


A writing piece from the past. What is special about such pieces is the memories associated with it, of the events, of people, of emotions, and most importantly a chronicler of your emotional journey; for there is Facebook timeline for everything else chronicling about. This one piece I wouldn’t want to alter a bit.

This note is a confession. It is an apology.

Last night was crazy with lot of alcohol and dancing. On our way back the conversation inevitably turned to finding a partner(that stage of life where your friends are hell bent to get you a girlfriend). One good thing about alcohol is it gives you license to speak your mind. No matter whom you are speaking to. Many a times it lands you in trouble. But what the hell. So to come back to what happened, I blurted out this comment to a female friend

“…..I am looking for a meaningful woman”

and she took offence. Crash. Bang. A hundred thoughts flashed through my mind. Is it because she is too feminist? Is it because it was interpreted as she not being meaningful?

Nothing freshens up mind than a lemonade after a binge night. And I was still stuck at the ‘meaningful’ conversation and her reaction. Then it struck me. I have been a patronizing SOB while making the comment. Nothing less. Somewhere beneath it was the chauvinistic attitude which including me, many men suffer from. Many of us take that as a right earned, deserved. But many a times its we who are trying to find meaning in life through a partner.

Well the search goes on, sober, with a new point of view 🙂

Got to admit that the search is not still on. But the point of view stays, afresh.


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