Emotionally Blind



Score: 4 – 3.

What a drab of a game. I should have gone with Riya to Starbucks. Her bitching would’ve been better than this. Anyway she said she’ll be there till 4. I will go after this match.

“Don’t smirk bloody. Aaja. This one is mine”. Roshan sounded royally pissed off at something.


5 – 3.

Now that’s a proper rally. Rob fucked Roshan’s ass again. He is the better player anyway. Let me order a lemonade. That rally has made me thirsty.

(Well that was a blind man’s version of an inconsequential TT match played in a South Mumbai suburb. What actually happened was something like this.)

Rob serving to Roshan.
A quick one by Rob with a tremendous top spin. Roshan easily reads the serve and returns it effortlessly. Rob has to stretch to reach out for the return. And there goes a power return from him. Roshan is taken by surprise but replies with a slow one to the empty right corner. This seems to be going Roshan’s way. Rob picks it almost from under the table and returns a top right-spin. Roshan who is already in position replies with a counter spin, a slow one at that. He has gone too much to the left corner with that return. Rob sees the opportunity and positions the return perfectly. A good rally that was.

4 – 3.|

Roshan to serve. He is definitely in a bad mood after having almost won last point.

Ahh I know, I know. You get the drift. Turns out the second rally was a drab with both Roshan and Rob fumbling around with the returns. Courtesy the hot lady who walked in, along with her husband, accompanied by a guy in suit. Prospective tenants.

Thinking about it the blind narrator did have his clues to ‘see’ how the match was going. The agitation of Roshan, quick squeaky running around the table,  conversation between the suit guy and the couple & the possible distraction caused to the players. He didn’t bother to but. Prejudice might be. Or Impatience.

Well we can’t totally blame the narrator from first half for a wrong account of the game. He was Blind.

But what about the words said and emotions lost in our conversations. Blame it on the blindness, Shall we?


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