The Morning run


On a run. The road seemed vaguely familiar, the kind of nondescript, dusty stretch with uneven tarred surface you tread very often on one of those long-drives. Summer sun is still someway on its perch to the peak which is when tricks are played by the road beneath. For now I can feel the lushness around, even with the sparse evenly spaced tall trees lining the width as if forming an outer boundary. The canvas is laid straight as far as the eyes can see, and then some more. I pick up the pace. The weird thing was I could neither feel the breeze up my face, nor any pressure on my muscles.

Thinking about that now it seems weird. Other parts of the scene were all in their own true self, only this was unreal.

It was light. Someone was running along trailing me. Who I have not the slightest inkling of, only the surety of a presence – the kind you get halfway through a train journey, or on the walk through a deserted alley.

I stepped up the pace with minimal exertion almost as if there was an accelerator inside me which was being gently pushed forward, ever so lightly. The steady increase in pace seemed to do nothing but drive my heart-beats up. Still no flow of the wind around my body. The pedal kept being pushed. Slowly I could feel the momentum lifting me up, the road was still grazing beneath. There was a rush inside while I floated with an increasing pace off the road. All the while keeping within the track. Not the slightest change in direction or a wobble. Overwhelmed by the feeling or of an impending task I woke from the dream. If felt as if I gracefully glided onto the surface of the road. I woke up on the sofa. The heart and my arms still seemed to be reeling from the effect, possessed by an energy as if reaching a crescendo through the flight.

Five minutes had passed between me dozing off one late morning and waking up thus. It’s been almost 4 years to that run and the feeling still eludes me. Such is the way with profound experiences, they come to you in that fleeting instant. Moment you try to catch it must have passed on to an unreachable realm. Leaving behind the faint essence of what it was. What man can do, but to let himself be to other profundities. The key it appears to be to cease the chasing and surrender.


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