An Ode to Walden


The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
And so do I.

Let this be the admission to give voice to it
In the wait for discovering the meaning of it all let the moments not be lost / For the loss is what fuels the despair

In the pursuit of bettering selves may the others be not lost /  For they give strength to your voice

What it is to live if not to live by a code; to have and be true to that you believe
Not live one day at a time but to seize the moment; Carpe diem

Be strong for the pieces will fall..
Live deep so you may one day find the meaning in it all


Story of my life


‘I like these crumbs stuck on my hand’ ‘That’s how we roll in the dish land’

The murmurs slowly reaching a crescend’o

Slime in their eyes is dime for our pain

She can rinse and wash all she wants, I’m stickin’ on to the ‘grime’

As the clock struck nine she stormed in like the dayan

Tortured in all that lime, cleaned up in no time

~ Story of my life, Pan-San