Cappriccio – Airplane


More and more the society around was becoming alienated. Moving to this new town couple of years back there was a sense of homecoming for him. The feeling of things turning for the good was the resounding theme. He was least perturbed by the surrounding chaos, pushing you around like the famed Mumbai local. Though much of the old charm was hidden by the new, there were nooks and corners where you could relive the last decade.

Change is much like the turbulence which you face while on an aircraft. You know the certainty of it. But every time the air-borne beast dives head long into that patch your innards shudder a bit, grip tightening on the seats as if putting an effort to stabilise this disturbance. And most often it last for 20-30 seconds only. People have some standard responses in these situation. You will always find that family where the dad will be gripping the kids more so to comfort himself than the tots who will be writhing to get free. Then there is the ones with the slight hint of concern on their face, glancing from the corner of their eyes how the person next is coping with this. And always the cool ones, with no bother of the happening around either immersed on the song playing on the earphones or the book they seem not to be able to keep down.

He was like the second one on really good days and third one most the time of conscious existence. Lately the town had begun to lost it’s lure on him. He couldn’t quite separate this feeling from the turbulance he was going through in his personal life. There was a constant pressure to go out of his way of things to fit to an external demand. On occasion it was from his inner circle, the true bastion of self expression, and other occasions from the society. Many a time distinction is hard. Demands on him were to curb those, in favor of conformance and a misplaced sense of responsibility. The consequences was his and his only to bare. Others seem to have dismissed that like the most ludicruos connection could exist between the two.

You get a feeling in some situations that the vents are closing down fast. Lest you make the move the steer is gonna be yanked out of your hands and passed on to the next in line. With no certainty of when you will be able to be in charge the next time. He was in that space at least in it’s head. Outwards he was wearing the third type’s mask. He looked around the airplane to wonder has he got company here?

… be continued.


Kya Ch*ap tha!


Bhai got convicted! Emotions of surprise, angst, sadness, elation, anger, disbelief, motherly-love, heartbreak and what not ran through the Indian diaspora as in a Karan Johar movie. Twitterati broke its ‘choodiyan’ at the verdict and ranted about how good a person Salman and how he changed fortunes of quite a few damsels in distress.

Indian judiciary is known for delivering and upholding justice at all costs, no matter how¬†slow and tedious the process gets. For a judicial system which took 4 years to hang a terrorist who spewed fire at a crowded train station, 13 years is not a big time in comparison giving verdict¬†in a hit-and-run case. Look at the stakes here. A bunch of homeless people, one of whom happened to get run over, against a movie-star churning 200 Crore movies like no big deal. Lets accept the facts here; the bunch who were run over were forgotten in a weeks time, they getting the justice so deserved was lost in the stories fabricated by the skilled but brain-dead advocates, emotional melodrama of Salman’s kin and speculations on how the homeless fucks will get screwed over by the whole incident. I believe at the high echelons of Indian judicial system are sitting Zen monks with such heightened levels of tolerance that they are impervious to the brain-numbing arguments put forth to divert such a plain-vanilla case.

And then there is the curious case of Indian public. We are the only audience who will go to a movie, tap with the music, laugh at the mindless jokes, fist-pump with the hero and then come out of the theater and say ‘kya chutiyaap tha’. Post the Salman verdict, the discussions turned to whether he deserved such a ‘harsh’ punishment and how he will complete ‘Bajirao mastaan’ from jail. The fact that it took 13 years for justice to be delivered seems of little concern here.

So will this deter future occurrence of similar incidents? Did this set an example? Definitely yes. This should push the prostitutes of judiciary-lawyers to hone their skills and work on their plot crafting skills to better defend their clients. A dummy taking blame and drank-water-at-a-bar arguments are so lame that even Rohit shitty will take a piss at those. For the homeless people, a strong example has been set and they should learn from this. That they count for shit in this country and you better learn to sleep with one eye open, like the whale, if you gotta live. An SUV is always lurking nearby.