The Narrator


Tyler Durden just staring at your face from the wall poster – This is your Life and it’s ending One minute at a time. And you are never the wiser of it. But is this reminder of life’s frailty doing you any good. Well, why should everything have to? On goodness, I have blabbered before as well. This is nothing new. For better things we all crave and slave off; some hide behind the barb of passion, some enlightenment, and some more in pursuit of happiness. Fallacies; some body rightly said life’s a pursuit – damn right. Why not have some fun on the way? You’re going to regret this later – ah, judgement! Or collective wisdom?

Possession gives purpose to life. For one thing it makes you wiser to the way of world. You learn to hold on to it with the price of your life all the while possessing some more. To what extent? To the extent of securing your future – one percent effort put in extra behind the pursuit will earn you 1481 times the points than the loser at the other end wasting one percent effort doing nothing. Revelation from a Facebook post! Some years back my confused self would have said ‘..and they will take it to their grave!’. But I have wizened up from that. Got myself a couple of oak coloured couches and mahagony bed – next in line is a runner carpet. Should I get hold of a 40-inch flat-screen as well. See right there, purpose defined for sometime. The problem is the effort, rather the cost to it.

For the romantics who are feeling the angst I would recommend ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ – and so for the rationals. It beautifully immerses the reader into an ever looming tragedy and explores this chasm of the two worlds. Was one of the books which can take much more than it can give from you. But then, why else you seek those pages! I now stare hard into the darkness in the living room. Muffled breathing beside. Timer still clicking to remind the mortals. Tick Tock.


The Heartbreak dilemma.


She seemed to have aged a decade. The stoop in the shoulders has reached new lows. Eyes are shades darker than what they used to be. Her hair disheveled having lost its luster. Warmth seems to have left her words and her smile moist with a sadness. She is never going to be the same again. She sure will snap out of this phase. She is already on the recovery mode. The music lessons are back on her routine, so are the yoga sessions. But she will never be the same again.

Last week in a fit of rage she told me he didn’t deserve her anyway. That she was way out of his league. Heartbreaks often bring the worst out in people. But I am sure even at this stage she wouldn’t have traded what she had past couple of years with him for anything in this world. And even when she said those mean things she wished the world for him. Its this conflict which has sapped her off her vitality. The conflict between what’s best for self and what’s selfless. The heartbreak dilemma. It must be tearing her apart.

Literature and history has an excess of tragedies stemmed from love. But knowing her I see hope. I am sure the selflessness is going to triumph in her conflict. Ain’t that the beauty of human life? That the best of our characters come out at the worst of the times we are going through. Well that’s how it should be, not the other way around. With some people you know it in your gut. She is one such person. She might never be the same again. But she is definitely going to come out better from this. I tell her this. She smiles a knowing smile.