An Ode to Walden


The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
And so do I.

Let this be the admission to give voice to it
In the wait for discovering the meaning of it all let the moments not be lost / For the loss is what fuels the despair

In the pursuit of bettering selves may the others be not lost /  For they give strength to your voice

What it is to live if not to live by a code; to have and be true to that you believe
Not live one day at a time but to seize the moment; Carpe diem

Be strong for the pieces will fall..
Live deep so you may one day find the meaning in it all


So Fierce


Blinded by a love so fierce he shut out everyone else

It ran its course; Liberated he was
Found himself in a lonely shack; Stranded in a storm wreck

Blinded by a rage so fierce he shut himself close

It ran its course; Hollow he was
Like drained in a wind so thin; Like used in a summer fling

Blinded by a remorse so fierce he was at a loss

It ran its course; Laden he was
Too weak to move, too forced to stay; Withering away like hay

Brought to peace in time by a love so calm; No words suffice to fit this rhyme.